High-slip PTV 36+, trendy, timeless tiles and steaming hot coffee

Eco Friendly Tiles recently had the joy of helping to create a cosy, on brand environment for a chain of high-end coffee shops across the UK and Europe. When presented with the brief, it was clear the client had very specific requirements. However, it wasn’t as simple as choosing the right colour. Many factors needed to be considered in order to find tiles that would be fit for purpose. Longevity of design was a key aspect, both in the material and the style in which it was applied. The material used needed to be risk-averse, within the clients budget, be eco-conscious and contribute towards LEED all while being on brand.

The tile finally settled on was the deep, warm-toned charcoal VT.383 from the Cascade range. The large format 60cm x 120cm version of the tile was selected for the floors. With its EPD and PTV 40+ slip rating, it was the obvious choice for the client. Once paired with some of the other choices it helped create a warming, coffee-toned colour palette for all of the shops.

The other tiles chosen are from our Shannon range, each as eco-conscious as the next and all able to contribute towards SKA, LEED and BREEAM certifications. Each of the following colours was applied to either the wall or floor in different sizes and formats across the separate shops. All of the tiles are made with 30-40% pre-consumer recycled content and have an EPD. Shannon VS.24 was applied in its 1m x 1m format. It is a highly textured tile with a mottled brown and cream colouring. While the colouring has obvious connotations with coffee, the textured finish added a cosy element as the tile looks more like a fabric than a tile once installed. Shannon VS.39 was applied in its 1m x 1m and 1m x 1.5m format. Instead of a fabric look, however, this particular tile has an oxidised steel look. The warming reds and oranges overlay a deep, coffee-toned brown to produce a swirling, cloud-like effect – lending it perfectly to the cosy colour palette. The oxide grey Shannon 9.4.B was applied in its 1m x 1.5m format to the wall. The unique finish on this tile gives it a metallic, oxidised look with a mottled shine across the surface. In particular lights, the reflective surface can make the tile appear darker or lighter in patches. The warm grey and fluctuating surface texture of this tile adds a point of interest that is still in keeping with the overall colour palette of the coffee shop. To add some dark and light to the cosy coffee coloured tones of the other tiles, 11.4.D(2) in its 50cm x 50cm and 10.4.B(2) in its 1m x 1m format were applied. 11.4.D(2) is a textured, deep charcoal tile that comes with a bushhammered finish. This PTV36+ tile looks like sheets of weathered and blackened wood, holding dark black tones right through to lighter greys. In direct contrast to this turbulent dark surface is 10.4.B(2). Also in a bushhammered finish, this creamy ivory coloured tile has a similar texture, but due to its pale, milky colours it is far less intense.

So the next time you’re tucked up in a in a coffee shop somewhere in the UK or Europe, sipping a steaming brew, take a second to have a look at the floor and walls. You may just find that you’re surrounded by a variety of our products! Eco Friendly Tiles, the planet covered.

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