After PTV 36+ for your next project? Our varied ranges have you covered.

Eco Friendly Tiles prides itself on our ability to provide you with a product that is fit for purpose regardless of location. If your next project is in need of a tile with a PTV 36+ slip rating, we have multiple options for you. Did you want grey? White? A stone or marble look? Maybe even a wood look? Take a look at some of our PTV 36+ rated tiles in the Shannon range, or perhaps something in the Cascade range will be more suitable?

Recently, Eco Friendly Tiles completed two projects that were both in need of high slip tiles for their floors. Each project was unique in its own way and presented its own challenges. The first client, for example, was after a pure white tile with a PTV 36+ rating. Not impossible, but certainly not commonplace in the world of tiles. However, Eco-Friendly Tiles was able to meet the brief and present the client with a bespoke tile that was fit for purpose – you can read the full story in more detail here. The second client was a high-end coffee shop. They needed something that was on brand but also met the required standards of a PTV 40+ slip rating. We presented them with a selection of tiles to choose from, and now, our stunning product can be seen in coffee shops all across Europe. For further details, read the full story here.

If you’re in need of a little more inspiration for your next project, you can find it in one of the following ranges. Our Inga range has a variety of wood look tiles with high slip ratings. If you’re refitting a cafeteria or corridors in a commercial building that need a high slip wood look floor, this range could be the perfect solution. Maybe your next project is a refit of bathrooms in a hotel or apartment block? The Cascade, Shannon and Orba ranges all have a wide variety of stone, concrete and marble look tiles all with high slip ratings. Malls, stadiums, public entrance ways, Eco Friendly Tiles can supply a high slip option for any commercial project in a wide range of colours and textures.

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