Bright white, high-slip PTV 36+

Eco Friendly Tiles was presented with a brief requesting a large format 1m x 1m, non-slip, white tile that would be suitable for a high-end office space. The challenge was that the tile essentially ran across two separate buildings, each with their own unique areas of application. One project required a tile for the office cafeteria. This meant it had to meet the industry certified standards and have a rating of PTV 36+ or higher. The cafeteria was open to a waiting area, reception and directly on to a staircase. This meant that the tile had to be suitable for each area, meeting required standards while still providing the corporate, upmarket look that the client requested. The second project was connected to the first meaning that the same tile was needed to link the two buildings together.

The pure white tile was the easy part, our Shannon range had a tile available which matched the clients colour request perfectly. The only thing missing now was the PTV 36+ slip rating required for the project. The solution was to create a bespoke, one-off run that would have a different finish from the original making the tile non-slip. The final result was a pure white, large format 1m x 1m, non-slip tile that was appropriate for a high-end corporate office, cafeteria area and staircase. Just what the client had requested.

Eco Friendly Tiles – the planet covered.

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