Already at 100 colours and finishes, our Shannon Range Cove Collection now has 6 new 3.5mm thin large format wall slabs. There are no flat colours here with the new additions ranging from subtle cream, warm grey and deep black tones – each with gentle movement and colour variation. Attractive, versatile, strong, light, incredibly hard, colour stable, resistant to graffiti – there are few materials more durable.

These giant porcelain wall slabs are intended to replicate the colours of some XL facade panels, so you can clad your building cohesively inside and out for a strong design message. They’re also super eco-friendly due to their state of the art manufacturing technique. They are produced to have low embodied carbon and incorporate high recycled content to contribute to LEED, Breeam & Ska assessment. Request samples or contact us to discuss your new project.

Codes: VS.32, VS.33, VS.34, VS.35, VS.36, VS.37

Sizes: 1000 x 3000mm, 1000 x 1000mm

Thickness: 3.5mm (Wall Only)

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