Although we are best known for our super-thin porcelain, we don’t discriminate on thickness! 20mm thick paving tiles do the jobs traditional 10 or 12mm tiles can’t quite handle, especially outdoors. Install them on screed or directly onto gravel, grass and sand. They’re super-easy to handle and maintain and can be repositioned where and when needed.

They’re made with public or residential outdoor spaces in mind – landscaping for a new property development, a stunning entrance way that can handle all the traffic thrown on it.

You can even bring the inside out by installing a 10mm tile on the floor inside, and the 20mm equivalent outside too. As with all our tiles, our 20mm versions are technical high performers with R10 & R11 slip ratings, EcoLabel and LEED accreditation. Choose from stone and concrete looks or even our incredibly detailed wood looks to lay an outdoor surface that requires significantly less maintenance than its wooden counterpart!

For the range, see HERE

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