When wall tiling with Eco Friendly Tiles, it is important to understand our Method of Approved Procedures. We’ve teamed up with ARDEX to offer an approved fixing solution. Firstly, ensure your background is suitable, sound, dry and stable. Depending on your background, you might need to prime with a primer such as ARDEX P 51. This protects against surface porosity and avoids chemical reactions if working with gypsum products such as plaster or plasterboard. Use two coats of ARDEX P 51 to prime your background with the required mix ratio (see datasheets for more information). Once applied wait until the primer has dried to a thin, blue film before using ARDEX X 77 – a flexible standard set adhesive, to apply tiles to walls. Mix ARDEX X 77 with approximately 8.5 litres of clean cold water using a paddle mixer. ARDEX X 77 should be applied within 3 hours of mixing. Use a 6mm notched trowel to create even ribs running in the same direction. If installing using ARDEX X 77, you should back-butter your large format Eco Friendly Tiles with a thin layer of adhesive. Use a 4mm notched trowel to apply the adhesive on the back of the tile and smooth down with the flat side of the trowel. Lift and apply the tile to the wall using suction cups and twist or vibrate into place to ensure the ribs are fully collapsed underneath. This helps ensure full contact between the tile and the background. Once tiled, allow 8 hours to dry and grouting can commence.

Top Tip: When cutting porcelain Eco Friendly Tiles around plug sockets etc, use small pilot holes in each corner before using a grinder or hole saw. This protects against potential breakages which can occur with porcelain.