Installing Eco Friendly Tiles on Gypsum based Raised Access Flooring such as Knauf Gifa is easy with a trusted ARDEX fixing solution. Begin by priming the floor with ARDEX P 51 primer. In a gypsum-based system, ARDEX P 51 should be diluted, 1 part primer to 3 parts water. Apply one to two coats of primer to the floor with a soft broom or brush. Leave to dry thoroughly to a clear, thin blue film. Tiling can then begin with ARDEX X78, which is the recommended adhesive for Eco Friendly Tiles. ARDEX X78 is a flexible, standard-setting tile adhesive. Mix ARDEX X78 with approximately 8.5 litres of clean cold water using a paddle mixer. ARDEX X 77 should be applied within 3 hours of mixing. Using a 10mm notched trowel, create even ribs running in the same direction. If using ARDEX X 77, you should back-butter your Eco Friendly Tiles with a thin layer of adhesive. Use a 4mm notched trowel to apply the adhesive on the back of the tile and smooth down with the flat side of the trowel. Use suction cups to lay your Eco Friendly Tiles, placing them into position and vibrate or twist to collapse the ribs underneath. Once the adhesive has set which should take 8 hours, grout with a suitable grout – such as ARDEX EG 18 Plus.

Top Tip – it is important than every tile has 100% to protect against breakages and point-loading failures. ARDEX X78 being semi pourable it is easier to achieve 100% coverage.