Project: Fulham Reach
Year: 2019
Client: St George

Eco Friendly Tiles is proud to be part of Fulham Reach development in Hammersmith. Working with St George, Eco Friendly Tile has been able to contribute some of our best products towards this luxury project. While our products have been used primarily in the apartments, the completed project will boast gym, cinema and even wine cellar facilities.

Throughout the apartments, Eco Friendly Tiles have been used in the kitchen and bathroom areas. A unique selection from our Shannon range offers three colour options for use in the kitchen splash-back. 9.1.A, 9.1.B and 9.1.C all feature the same, textured, stylistic feature. 9.1.A offers a plain white version, creating a more subtle look, while 9.1.B and 9.1.C offer metallic finishes of silver and gold. The selection comes in 3.5mm thickness with two size options of 1000 x 1000mm or 1000 x 3000mm available. This large format was key for the application as the design required a single slab rather than a series of smaller tiles. If style isn’t your main concern, then the eco-credentials of these tiles may be of interest. Each of the tiles has an EPD certification, are made with up to 40% recycled content and each one contributes to BREEAM, LEED and SKA.

Moving on to the bathrooms, the designers have opted for wooden floors. However, the designers cleverly went for porcelain wood look tiles rather than real wood. Not only does this save trees, but it also offers all of the benefits of porcelain. Benefits include minimal water absorption, easy maintenance and they’re perfect for underfloor heating (a huge plus in London’s chilly winters).

As with the kitchen, occupants were offered a choice of colours to be laid. The lighter option of VT.180 from the Cascade Range has an R10 slip rating and comes in three different sizes. 800 x 200mm, 1200 x 200mm and 1200 x 300mm all 10mm thick. This colour is made with 10% recycled content and is also able to contribute towards LEED. The slightly darker of the two options is 8.1.A, from the Jurong Range, offers four sizes. 300 x 1200mm, 200 x 1200 mm, 200 x 800mm and 150 x 900mm, all at 10.5mm thick. Jurong 8.1.A has an EPD certification, is made using 40% recycled content and can contribute towards BREEAM and LEED.

The additional piece provided by Eco Friendly Tiles was a bespoke hexagon used for a feature wall in a bathroom. Shannon 10.1.A, an oxide look white panel was chosen for the base colour. The glass content of the panel, which creates the oxidised style, means that the light shifts and appears to ripple over the surface of the tile. As with most tiles in the Shannon range, 10.1.A has an EPD certification, contributes to LEED, BREEAM and SKA and is made using 30% recycled content making it a very eco-conscious choice for any build.

Eco Friendly Tiles was thrilled with the current results on display in the Fulham Reach marketing suite. Not only will these apartments have an eco-conscious factor to them, but they will also look stunning for years to come.