Industrial styles aren’t just limited to building materials.

Industrial type styles in interior design have been becoming increasingly popular. As the design world moves away from a ‘more is more’ style to a refined, open and minimalistic approach, people are choosing to expose the bases of buildings rather than cover them up.  This has also led to an increase in materials that take on these stylistic effects. Our new selection within the concrete range is a perfect example of this.

VT.376-VT.384 and VT.493 from Eco Friendly Tiles extensive collection has warm, harmonious undertones that seamlessly blend together from inside to out. The selection of concrete look tiles come in three finishes – natural, grip and semi-polished. The natural and grip both have a PTV36+ slip rating and are available as 30×60, 60×60 or 60×120. The grip finish also comes in a 20mm or 30mm paver. Both thicknesses are available as 60×60 tiles while the 20mm has the added sizes of 90×90, 120×60 and 120×120. The semi-polished finish has an R9 slip rating and a wide array of sizes that make it a perfect option for walls. Available in 15×60, 30×60, 60×60, 120×120, 120×60 and 240×120 at 9mm thick and 278×120, 160×160 and 320×160 at 6mm thick. The semi-polished can be applied in large format or as a more decorative mosaic style design.

To compliment the concrete looks, this selection also has two steel looks. VT.385 and VT.386, come in a semi-polished finish in a 6mm or 9mm thickness. Both styles work beautifully with the rest of the concrete look range and are perfect for making a powerful statement on a feature wall.  Taking the unique stylistic features of this range to another level, there are also floral and industrial accents available. For a better idea of what these accents look like, please refer to the brochure below.

While this selection has an impressive range of sizes and finishes, it also has some impressive eco credentials. Able to contribute towards LEED and with an EPD to boot, your next industrial styled project could also be a very eco friendly one.