The UK’s first carbon neutral tile and stone company specialising in products with high recycled content – and even emissions-reducing qualities – has been launched in London.

Eco Friendly Tiles, the brainchild of Margot and Brandon Neuhaus, is a new business founded on the principles of carbon neutrality and respect for the environment. From an idea first hatched two years ago, the proprietors have scoured Europe for products and suppliers which are eco-friendly and that adhere to the highest standards of environmental accreditation and energy efficiency.

“This is the new default of the age for the built environment,” says Brandon Neuhaus. “From building designer and product specifier to occupier and everyone in the supply chain, low environmental impact is the mantra of the day. But we’re proving that low carbon doesn’t mean compromise in quality – the products we have sourced are among the most stunning available anywhere in the world.”

Many Eco Friendly Tiles’ products carry the European Eco-Label as independent verification of life-cycle environmental impact – assessing everything from raw material extraction through to production, distribution and disposal. Some include off-cut and recycled content – one range incorporates glass from TV and computer CRT screens – while others benefit from additives proven to reduce harmful emissions in built-up areas. The company also offers natural pebbles and random tiles, which are harvested ethically and mesh-backed to provide a stunning effect.

Eco Friendly Tiles adheres to the globally-recognised Carbon Neutral protocol to off-set its carbon output and extends this commitment into its supply chain, ensuring that manufacturing partners share both its ethos and rigorous approach to low environmental impact.

“We also work closely with specifiers to help them meet the requirements of both BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method), the most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings in the UK, and the internationally recognised LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design),” says Brandon.

The company anticipates that building design and creative professionals will look to Eco Friendly Tiles for products that support the environmental criteria increasingly demanded by policy-makers and occupiers.