Gold, no longer reserved for the wealthy.

Once a sign of wealth, gold has moved away from being viewed as an opulent luxury item and instead has been repossessed and applied simply as a colour. Often applied as a trimming to furniture or clothing, gold is beginning to appear more and more regularly throughout the design world. It has even begun to make an appearance in our food!

Gold has been settled on as the happy middle ground between icy silver and feverous reds or yellows. The classic combination with gold has usually been white or black, but with colour on the rise, more and more we are seeing it paired with luscious burgundies, deep emeralds and royal blues. The result is often warm, decadent spaces with gold as the focal point. The luminous warmth given off by its metallic surface is often favoured in kitchen and bathroom settings, however more and more we are seeing it encroaching throughout interiors and expanding from trimmings to entire items and spaces. Reception areas of hotels may use gold behind the desk such as our stunning VS.51 from the Shannon range to offer a warm greeting to customers. More muted shades like our Terrazzo VTS.A3, lacking the metallic gleam, can make for brilliant flooring for large open areas such as show rooms or shopping malls. However, if you’re aiming for a decadent metallic finish, our mosaic VA.130 will certainly deliver.

When it comes to commercial builds, gold can now be used sparingly or extensively thanks to the increasing variety of materials available. Eco Friendly Tiles has made sure to have lashings of gold throughout our extensive range so we can cover you from floor to ceiling if you so desire. Gold appears in full panels in the Shannon range, our most eco friendly option by far. The state of the art manufacturing technique keeps Shannon lightweight, strong and extremely resilient. With low embodied carbon and high levels of recycled content, plus eco credentials such as LEED, Breeam, Ska and EPD, making your gold build green will be a cinch. For smaller fittings we have a variety of gold touched finishes from our Terrazzo and Cascade ranges, both offering their own eco friendly attributes.

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