Cobalt, turquoise, cerulean, navy – there’s a blue for every setting.

Greek-inspired poolside or sophisticated reception area, the versatile blue is the answer. Able to be paired with a multitude of other colours, it can be used as the statement or the staple, inside and out.

While designers are pulling inspiration from all around the world to create new and trendy tiles for use in projects from office blocks to hospitals, there’s one trend that keeps raising its head, the ever-reliable blue. While by no means restricted to tiles in it’s use, the direct correlation between blue and anything water, from pools to kitchen splash backs, means that blue is an ever-popular choice in the tile world. However with the variety of shades and finishes continuing to grow from the much loved Mediterranean inspired cobalts and turquoise, to dusty pastels and cool near grey hues, the scope for application is also increasing.

The beauty of blue is that it is one of the most versatile and adaptable colours on the colour wheel. Many of our popular tile ranges such as Terrazzo and the porcelain Cascade range offer a wide spectrum of shades. Forget about restricting your use of blue to the bathroom. Use a muted dark, inky blue such as our VA.139 paired with natural woods or gold trimmings to lift the sophistication of your bar or restaurant. Blue can offer a more playful alternative to a staple grey floor in your office space, consider our VT.278, a pale shade with just a hint of blue to lift the over all design.

Thanks to constant improvements in the creation of tiles, staying green while going blue has never been easier than it is now. Our eco-friendly tiles offer varying degrees of eco credentials, some of the blue tiles in our Cascade range (VT.278 and VT.279) contain a minimum of 40% recycled content as well as LEED accreditation. Our bold mosaic and subway tiles are all carbon neutral and of course, the hand made Terrazzo range is one of the most eco-conscious tiles on the market. With our tile varieties available in various sizes, finishes and able to go across wall and floor, the application of blue to your next project is now more inviting than ever.

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