Colours are making a bright, bold come back.

With Crayola shades of green and yellow becoming common in every makeup artists colour palette, and bold pastels proudly marching their way down the runway on a regular occasion, it was only a matter of time before colours started to seep their way into building design.

Once restricted to a cushion or rug to bring a ‘pop’ or ‘touch’ of colour to a room, the trend is now to have an entire wall or floor done in block colour or a bold pattern. No longer are people restricting themselves to grey and beige in an attempt to keep to a neutral palate. Lucky for us, tiles are proving to be one of the more popular mediums of choice for adding bright, lasting colour to a building design.

Our Terrazzo and Cascade ranges offer a wide selection of colours, from pretty pastels fit for a fifties ice cream parlour to glossy reds and vibrant yellows that can bring a burst of sunshine to any design. The natural finish of the Terrazzo concrete and small grain tiles offers a powdery, less intense colour experience than some of its brighter counterparts in the Cascade series. This means that if you’re wanting to add colour but not be dominated by it, these subtle pastel hues will be your best friend. The traditional methods which make use of mineral powders, cement, water, natural colourants and natural oxides provide Terrazzo tiles with their unique colouration. The small, medium and large grain tiles are also made from 80% recycled marble and stone offcuts and the entire range is carbon offset door to door. So not only could these tiles be a dream introduction to colour, they are also extremely eco-conscious. Able to be applied to the wall and floor, long wearing and available in a variety of sizes, some even in hexagon, the only limit to these tiles is your imagination.

If you’re feeling more confident in your use of colour however, and are aiming to make a statement in your next build, then you can’t go past the bright, vibrant colours in the Cascade range and Terrazzo medium grain tiles. The Cascade Subway wall tiles offer a sunny, tropical selection of block colours from leafy green through to luscious red while the Terrazzo brings more depth to designs with its speckled, natural stone finish. The Subway tiles low-maintenance yet durable finish makes them a popular wall application for brightening up a space, and as a bonus, the available formats offer themselves generously to interlocking or grid-like patterns. For bold statement floors, there’s a variety in both the Cascade and Terrazzo ranges that will not only offer uplifting colour palettes, but also an incredible fitness for purpose. Whether your taste is more towards the natural stone of Terrazzo or the smooth consistent colour of porcelain, the wide variety in these ranges allow you to match, contrast and colour block from wall to floor.

Now is the time to start creating with colour, offset bold against pastel to draw focus in an entrance way, or play with one colour in various shades to bring consistency and depth across large areas. Warm up the interior of a shopping centre with a pretty, dusky pink like VTS.S49, or make a bold statement by decking out the walls of your restaurant in the bright, golden yellow hues of VA.208. Whether you favour warm summery colours or cool greens and blues, our ranges have a palette to fit every taste. Keep an eye on our next article for our range of blues being made ever popular thanks to an increase in Mediterranean design.

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