Green means go with a CPD by Eco Friendly Tiles

When it comes to sustainable tiling, we love to talk the talk. Book a CPD or Breakfast Showcase and we’ll share our expertise on the latest developments in surface technology and provide practical guidance on why sustainability should be the default position for the future of design. Our CPD’s contains great technical content about sustainable manufacturing, the advances in large-format, super-thin porcelain technology and eco-friendly facade systems.  If you want to see what’s new but don’t want to give up your lunch hour, book a Breakfast Showcase – it’s a great informal way for the whole team to get a feel for our latest products and chat with our team about how they will work for your current projects.

Porcelain SURFACE Technology for a Sustainable Future

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In this 1 hour seminar for both architects and interior designers, Brandon Neuhaus from Eco Friendly Tiles will explore the growing demand for environmentally responsible porcelain surface materials, and the technology Eco Friendly Tiles uses to meet this rapid growth.

  • How can specifying porcelain get my project LEED, BREEAM or Ska
  • How is the tiling industry taking steps towards ensuring a sustainable
  • How can one porcelain surface material clad every surface in a building?
  • How have we made a 1000mm x 3000mm tile only 3.5mm thick?

We’ll supply the answers to all these questions, and to demonstrate how respecting the eco-system has led to producing a product that can be applied in once unthinkable ways, Brandon will introduce our Shannon Range:

  • From only 3.5mm thick, yet so strong it can be laid in large format slabs up to 1600 x 3200mm
  • Low embodied carbon, LEED, Ska and BREEAM compliance, 100% natural and recyclable with 0% VOC emissions.
  • Available in a huge array of colours and finishes, from natural stone and wood looks to metallics and oxides.

We’ll also take you through the rest of our extensive range of interior and exterior porcelain tiling solutions to show you how specifying with proven eco-friendly qualities doesn’t mean a compromise on style, design or price.

So whether you and your team are designing a multi-storey tower, a shopping mall, a hotel, a retail store, a residential home or even a swimming pool…Eco Friendly Tiles has got you covered, inside and out.

Eco Friendly Facades

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Engineered Ceramic Panel (ECP™) – The World’s Largest Porcelain Facade Panel

  • Why should I choose a porcelain facade for my next project?
  • Why is a porcelain facade better than what I’ve already used before?
  • How can a single porcelain slab be 3.2m high?

This CPD will give you those answers.

One single piece of porcelain 1620mm wide, 3240mm high and only 12mm thick – ECP™ is the worlds largest, and strongest porcelain facade panel.

Produced using a cutting edge pressing system which reduces traces of tension from the slab, the ECP™ slab can be fixed using multiple methods:

  • Undercut/Hidden Anchor
  • Mechanically Fixed Rainscreen
  • Hook On Rainscreen
  • Structurally Bonded Rainscreen
  • Standard Adhesive Fixing
  • As a Curtain Wall/Spandrel Panels

Physical and chemical properties include:

  • 25 Year UV Warranty (even on Black)
  • Heat Resistant
  • Stain and Detergent Resistant
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Good bending strength
  • Frost resistant
  • Resistant to fungal growth
  • Chemical Resistant
  • CWCT tested

All of these questions will be answered by Brandon Neuhaus, Director of Eco Friendly Tiles – the sustainable porcelain specialists who can cover your next building both inside and out.

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