Large Format Porcelain

Large Format – Bigger is better

Thinking about going large? Bigger formats are definitely trending at the moment but there are a few things to consider before specifying. Make sure you take advantage of our expertise in large format porcelain slabs before you begin the design process. We can certainly help you take creativity to another level, but with slabs up to 1620 x 3240mm there are some practicalities to consider before applying to façades, floors, walls and ceilings…or over existing tiles.

For example, think about access in a multi-storey build – how are you going to get them upstairs if the lift is shorter than 3m? Do you need advice on handling? We can help you address all the key issues, so that you can specify large format slabs with confidence, in the knowledge that you’ll get a fantastic effect plus the benefits of low embodied carbon, up to 40% pre-consumer recycled content and environmental certification.

Super Thin Porcelain

Not only are we the Large Format Tiling experts, we also specialise in Super Thin Tiles. Super Thin fits with our eco ethos as a thinner tile mean the use of less material when covering commercial and residential surfaces. Available in as thin as 3.5mm, these stunning, large and eco-conscious tiles due to manufacturing advancements are as strong and less than half the weight of conventional thickness porcelain tiles. Use on wall’s at approx 7.8kg per square meter, results in fewer requirements for structural reinforcement, coverage of larger areas and therefore are greater contributors to LEED, BREEAM Eco credentials than others due to the saving on material usage.

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