Real Terrazzo

With a wide variety of slip ratings, colours and finishes these stunning real terrazzo tiles are the perfect way to create a timeless, elegant look both indoors and outdoors.

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Terrazzo VTS.L237S

Terrazzo VTS.L237P

Terrazzo VTS.L237BH

Terrazzo VTS.L237

Terrazzo VTS.M236S

Terrazzo VTS.M236P

Terrazzo VTS.M236BH

Terrazzo VTS.M236

Terrazzo VTS.M235S

Terrazzo VTS.M235P

Terrazzo VTS.M235BH

Terrazzo VTS.M235

Terrazzo VTS.M234S

Terrazzo VTS.M234P

Terrazzo VTS.M234BH

Terrazzo VTS.M234

Terrazzo VTS.M233S

Terrazzo VTS.M233P

Terrazzo VTS.M233BH

Terrazzo VTS.M233

Terrazzo VTS.M232S

Terrazzo VTS.M232P

Terrazzo VTS.M232BH

Terrazzo VTS.M232

Terrazzo VTS.M231S

Terrazzo VTS.M231P

Terrazzo VTS.M231BH

Terrazzo VTS.M231

Terrazzo VTS.M230S

Terrazzo VTS.M230P

Terrazzo VTS.M230BH

Terrazzo VTS.M230

Terrazzo VTS.M229S

Terrazzo VTS.M229P

Terrazzo VTS.M229BH

Terrazzo VTS.M229

Terrazzo VTS.M228S

Terrazzo VTS.M228P

Terrazzo VTS.M228BH

Terrazzo VTS.M228