High Slip PTV 36+

Tiles with a PTV 36+ slip rating, allowing architects and designers to create a continuous flow between the interior and exterior or high traffic areas of a project.

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6.8.DPAV (20mm Paver)

6.8.BPAV (20mm Paver)

6.7.DPAV (20mm Paver)

6.7.BPAV (20mm Paver)

6.6.CPAV (20mm Paver)


Terrazzo VTS.L237

Terrazzo VTS.M236

Terrazzo VTS.M235

Terrazzo VTS.M234

Terrazzo VTS.M233

Terrazzo VTS.M232

Terrazzo VTS.M231

Terrazzo VTS.M230

Terrazzo VTS.M229

Terrazzo VTS.M228

Terrazzo VTS.M227

Terrazzo VTS.S226

Terrazzo VTS.S225

Terrazzo VTS.S224

Terrazzo VTS.S223

Terrazzo VTS.S222

Terrazzo VTS.S221

Terrazzo VTS.S220

Terrazzo VTS.S219

Terrazzo VTS.S218

Terrazzo VTS.S217

Terrazzo VTS.S216

Terrazzo VTS.S215

VT.94PAV (20mm Paver)

VT.93PAV (20mm Paver)

VT.92PAV (20mm Paver)

VT.166PAV (20mm Paver)

VT.167PAV (20mm Paver)

VT.168PAV (20mm Paver)

VT.169PAV (20mm Paver)

VT.170PAV (20mm Paver)


VT.292PAV (20mm Paver)