Environmental Policy

May 2016

Eco Friendly Tiles Ltd are committed to preservation of depleting natural resources by:

  • Recycling and actively reusing waste materials as far as possible.
  • Carefully monitoring our waste output.
  • Using energy resourcefully within our office.
  • Carefully evaluating suppliers with a view to prioritize those with strict policies on raw material sourcing, environmental management, waste management and responsible manufacturing processes.
  • Monitoring fuel use of vehicles where possible.
  • Regularly training staff on procedures and responsibilities.
  • Raising awareness both in house and during the course of our business interactions on important environmental considerations.
  • Ensuring our policy meets and exceeds currently legislation and industry best practice.

Environmental Policy Statement

Eco Friendly Tiles believe that all business operations should be carried out in a way that enhances and supports the natural environment. In addition to our own in-house environmental responsibilities, we maintain CarbonNeutral™ Certified status to ensure all our operations amplify our environmental resourcefulness. We actively promote the conservation and protection of the world’s finite natural resources through CPD seminars and marketing to ensure our clients and manufacturing partners are considering the natural environment as much as possible. This education initiative in turn ensures our clients reach environmental assessment goals for architecture and design projects. We educate and inform clients on BREEAM, LEED and Ska requirements and how our products are compatible with these assessment methods.

Office Conservation & Sustainability

We seek to be an example for other business seeking to minimise their environmental impact. We actively recycle, conserve energy and reuse waste materials where possible. We encourage the use of public transportation for all employees. We choose office machinery and materials which align with our sustainable stance, and take all necessary measures to refine and improve office systems to meet these obligations. We minimise waste through effective waste management systems, and minimise the use of toxic and non-sustainable natural resources. We encourage each and every employee within our company to personally champion environmental responsibility both inside and outside the workplace.

Manufacturer Relations

We partner with world leading porcelain ceramic producers who specifically meet and exceed international environmental standards. We request certification and ecological improvement information from all suppliers. We favour those who commit to the recycling of pre and post-consumer recycled materials. Where possible, suppliers who use environmentally responsible technologies for the manufacture of their products are given preference within our supply chain.

Carbon Neutral Certification

We work alongside Natural Capital Partners to combine our business success with positive impacts on the environment and society. We Carbon Offset our emissions and actively support renewable energy and water stewardship initiatives internationally. Natural Capital Partners (www.carbonneutral.com) have been chosen for their immediate, positive and measurable impacts on carbon, energy, water, biodiversity and community projects.

Eco Friendly Tiles will annually (or more frequently) measure its impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement and continue to encourage the adoption of similar principles by all suppliers.

Carbon Neutral