Add a point of difference with complimentary accents!

A new selection of concrete look tiles have recently been added to our Cascade range. VT.438, VT.439, VT.440 and VT.441 are all available in a range of sizes with a natural or grip finish. There is even a paver version of each colour so that an unbroken flow can be created from inside to out. With an EPD and made from 45% recycled content, these stunning tiles are eco friendly and available with a PTV36+ slip rating.

Using the four base colours, a range of monochrome patterns in floral and geometric styles have been created. There is also coloured packs that incorporate blues and oranges to create a fun, playful pattern. The stunning metallic gold adds shine in a very liberal manner, the glowing shade criss-crosses the base colours in a range of geometric patterns. The patterned tiles all come as a 20 x 20cm and are available as individuals or in packs – for full details on the accents please refer to our detailed brochure.

As concrete look tiles begin to diversify in colour tones, finishes and subtle patterns, people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of using the traditionally industrial look more throughout their projects. A warm, grey toned tile such VT.440 laid in its 1200 x 1200mm form can create an inviting, comfortable space for a reception or meeting area. Alternatively, the 20mm paver is perfect for outdoor areas, be it around a pool or as an extension from the entrance to a larger building. With the added feature of the patterned accents, any space can be given a creative boost or be framed, divided or transformed with the help of patterns and colour.

If you need a point of difference for your next project, then these concrete look tiles with their stylish accents should be your first choice!