Our new large format SURFACE technology won’t help you leap tall buildings at a single bound…but it will enable you to cover them.

We think of our ultra-thin and uber-tough Shannon range as our super-hero – stronger than steel, available in multiple size options and thicknesses (or should that be ‘thinnesses’), and perfectly formed to cover floors, walls, ceilings or entire building façades.

Like all super-heroes, the beauty of Shannon isn’t just skin deep: this SURFACE is ultra-flexible, can overlay wide expanses of existing floors, curve to a 6m radius, and is available in hundreds of colours, textures and slip ratings. We also love it because it’s completely in keeping with our eco-friendly ethos, thanks to its low embodied carbon, up to 40% pre-consumer recycled content, and pending Ska approval and LCA and EPD certification.

So if you’d like to find out more, just email us at info@ecofriendlytiles.co.uk or visit our Brochure Request page. We stop short of saying it boldly goes where no man has gone before – but it will likely change your perception of large format ceramic tiles forever…and for good.


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