Brandon Neuhaus to speak at Ecobuild, Excel, London, March 21.


Brandon Neuhaus, Founder of Eco Friendly Tiles, the UK’s first CarbonNeutral® tile and stone company, will be a guest speaker at the forthcoming Ecobuild event in London, talking about how low carbon is ‘new default of the age for the built environment’.

Brandon will describe how innovative manufacturing, combined with recycling, re-purposing and up-cycling, is helping to drive a new era of sustainable design and construction.

“What is really surprising is that even now, in 2012, there is a view that sustainability applies only to ‘eco-projects’ when this way of designing and constructing buildings should be the default position,” says Brandon Neuhaus. “Each of us needs to assume responsibility for taking even the smallest steps towards a low carbon future – as my presentation will show, if we don’t re-use, recycle, re-think and re-design, then we are not going to meet the challenge of climate change.”

The seminar session, chaired by Jakki Dehn, Reader (Product and Furniture Design) and Director of Rematerialise Sustainable Materials Library, Kingston University, will look at how a ‘closed-loop, zero-waste’ society is made possible by recycling and re-purposing.

Many Eco Friendly Tiles’ products carry the European Eco-Label as independent verification of life-cycle environmental impact – assessing everything from raw material extraction through to production, distribution and disposal. Some include off-cut and recycled content – one range incorporates glass from TV and computer CRT screens – while others benefit from additives proven to reduce harmful emissions.


Brandon is speaking at the Sustainable by Design seminar, Wednesday, March 21 (16:50 – 17:15) at Ecobuild, Excel, London.