Why You Should Specify Wood Effect Tiles Instead of Real Wood

June 14th, 2016 - Technical - Product Updates - Inspiration
VT.169-Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.167 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(2)
VT.190 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(2)
VT.168Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(6)
VT.167 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(5)
VT.167-Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.168-Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.168Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(4)
VT.168Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(5)
VT.169Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(5)
VT.168Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(2)
VT.166 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look(3)
VT.173 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.181 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.182 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.180-Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.183 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.184 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look
VT.187 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look (2)
VT.187 Eco Friendly Tiles Wood Look

Wood effect porcelain is a durable, low maintenance, long-lasting, extremely beautiful and easy on the environment! The research and technology poured into creating the most realistic tile designs has reached a peak with wood looks. Although they’re a real emerging trend in interior design, sometimes we’re asked “Why not specify the real thing instead?”

Here’s a few reasons designers are specifying wood look porcelain over hard wood flooring:

  1. Durability

    It’s not as susceptible to the deep dents, knicks and scratches of natural wood. The performance of wood effect porcelain means it can be used for the high traffic areas or wet areas where natural wood won’t last. They are significantly more scratch, deep abrasion and stain resistance and are colour stable too!

  2. Easy maintenance

    Your clients will thank you for not subjecting them to a lifetime of polishing and staining! It is incredibly easy to clean wood look porcelain, and strong moisture resistance means you can install it in bathrooms and kitchens where natural wood can warp and decay.

  3. Design and Appearance

    Our VT.166 – VT.170 tiles make our clients do a double take. Are these antique wooden planks? To be honest, it’s hard to tell without touching them. Each wood look tile comes in at least 80+ surface variations so there are no visible repeats no matter how you install them. Our wood looks are available in many different formats, from 120mm long planks to large squares, 3D mosaics and everything in between. If you’re looking for uniform and traditional, or aged and weathered, there is beautiful porcelain wood look porcelain for every design style made with the latest in colour stable digital printing technology.

  4. Environmentally Friendly

    Apart from the obvious – no trees destroyed in the making of these tiles – they’re sustainable in other ways too. Most porcelain is made from natural materials and doesn’t need nasty chemical treatments and staining like many natural wood floors. They’re great for buildings and the people inside them – with no VoC emissions, high recycled material and environmental certifications like LEED, Breeam and Ska accreditations.

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