Eco Friendly Facades Europe project gallery.

April 15th, 2019 - Inspiration - Facades
005 oxide white 2. Polandpng
005 oxide white, 007 oxide pearl Italy
006 oxide ivory, 010 oxide dark brown prague
007 oxide pearl. Italypng
009 oxide red brown 4.Italy png
010 oxide dark brown 1 Italy
010 oxide dark brown.Italy png
013 stone earth. Italypng
014 stone rock 1 italy
014 stone rock 2. italy png
015 stone lead.italy png
019 blend black 2 italy
019 blend black 3 italy
019 blend black, 069 absolute white 1 italy
019 blend black, 069 absolute white.italy png
019 blend black.italypng
021 stone marfil poland1
021 stone marfil.poland png
022 stone travertine light russia 1
022 stone travertine light russia

Browse our Europe project gallery for some facade inspiration.

Eco Friendly Facades products presented in our Europe project gallery have a range of incredible features making them perfect for your next project. All of our ECP™ panels have advanced properties including a class A fire rating, resistance to abrasion and frost, as well as a 25 year colourfast UV warranty, even on black. These impressive panels come as large as floor to floor, 1620mm x 3240mm and as thin as 5.6mm, and there are over 60 colours available. Able to contribute to BREEAM and with three systems to apply them including rain screen mechanical anchor, insulated spandrel panel and rain screen fixed bonded – Eco Friendly Facades ECP™ panels are the perfect choice for your next project.

For further information, you can view our Europe projects brochure here:

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