Technical Information

ECP Panel Technical Properties

Physical & chemical propertiesNorm/test methodECP 6mmECP 12mm
Straightness of SidesISO 10545-2Max. deviation on the side +/- 0.5mmMax. deviation on the side +/- 0.5mm
Flatness/PlanarityISO 10545-2Max. deviation on the diagonal +/- 1.0mmMax. deviation on the diagonal +/- 1.0mm
WeightFactoryAverage value 14kg/m2Average value 30kg/m2
Surface quality/% of tiles with no visible flawsIS0 10545-2>95%>95%
Water absorptionISO 10545-3Average value 0.1% (<0.3%)Average value 0.1% (<0.3%)
Water absorptionASTM C373Average value 0.1% (<0.3%)Average value 0.1% (<0.3%)
Bending strength in N/mm2ISO 10454-4Average value 50 (sample dimensions 200x300mm)Average value 50 (sample dimensions 200x300mm)
Mohs scale hardness * (may not apply to all)UNI EN 101≤6Class from 5 to 7
Resistance to deep abrasionISO 10545-6≤175mm3≤175mm3
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion/ 10-6 /0CISO 10545-86.66.6
Resistance to thermal shockISO 10545-9ResistantResistant
Chemical resistanceISO 10545-13Class from A to CClass from A to C
Stain resistanceISO 10545-14Class 4 to 5Class 2 to 5
Frost resistanceISO 10545-12ResistantResistant
Fire reactionEN 13501 (rev. 2009)A2 - s1, d0A2 - s1, d0
This technical information is not a guarantee of performance and is not a warranty, either explicit or implicit. Rather, it tries to summarise for the designer, installer or developer the technical data provided to Eco Friendly Tiles by the independent tile manufacturer. This information may not be applicable in all geographical areas. It is the responsibility of those individuals who are referring to this document to independently research and determine which tiles are suitable for a given project according to applicable British or International Standards and any governing legislative requirements. This document cannot be used as expert opinion, evidence or in any legal or administrative proceeding unless authorized by Eco Friendly Tiles Ltd.
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