How is it made?

  1. 1000 x 3000mm slabs fired using photovoltaic energy
  2. Raw materials graded in house
  3. Recycled content
  4. Electricity from the sun
  5. Pioneering hybrid electric oven

Pioneering Manufacturing Technology

ECP is a product of years of scientific research culminating in the strongest, most stable large format facade panel on the market. Created using a combination of unique patented press technology, natural minerals and are coloured with inorganic pigments at the highest resolution ever before used for colouring tiles, ECP is truly groundbreaking. Surface tension has been significantly minimised using a state of the art tile press and a firing process that ensures the tile is as stable and resistant to frost, fire, stains, scratching, fading and thermal shock.

The Press

A 15-26 tonne roller press – three times the industry standard – compresses the raw material to a level which guarantees the tile is impervious to absorption, stains and abrasions.

Low Carbon Production

From just 18 minutes start to finish, our tile is cooked in nearly half the time of conventional tile processes. We also carbon offset door to door. Our factory is fully automated using the most advanced manufacturing technology which ensures consistent, quality controlled production no matter how high the quantity. For further information about the manufacturing of our ECP panels and Shannon Range, request a CPD.

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